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Our daily-use water consists of many undesirable substances of which the most prevalent is ‘hardness’ which reduces the utility of the water but also harmful in some cases. AQUONIZE uses a natural and effective technique to free water from this ‘hardness’ through an electronic impulse treatment converting hard water to perfect soft water.

What is Hardness in water?

In simple terms, water having large quantities of dissolved calcium and magnesium above some limits is defined as hard water. The bicarbonates, sulfates, and chlorides of the minerals Calcium and Magnesium give the water its ‘hardness’ making it turbid and less useful.

The utility of water reduces as the hardness of water increases. In domestic use, if water is hard, it is neither useful for drinking, cooking, or cleaning purposes as it forms SCUM when it reacts with materials like soap and clogs drains and spoils dishwashers and washing machines. 

In case of agricultural use, Without treatment, irrigation using hard water delivers calcium carbonate to the crop in its calcite state which can form a coating on the roots and the leaves, like putting a coating of sunscreen on the plant. This prohibits the plant from receiving the maximum benefit from the water, minerals, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Also, these compounds such as calcite and calcium carbonate cause excess scale deposits which spoil the piping, pumps, and containers used for transport and consumption of water leading to huge expenses to get rid of this hard-to-remove substance.

Unfortunately and alarmingly 80% of our groundwater has some levels of Hardness.

What is our solution to this hard problem of water hardness? 
AQUONIZE Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners provide you with the best solution to this Hard problem of Water Hardness.

How does AQUONIZE work?
The proprietary working methodology of AQUONIZE that uses an Online Electronic Impulse Water Conditioning has been developed through years of research and field validation.

The 2-Step process from Hardness to Softness.
To make the complex science simple, The Online Electronic Impulse Water conditioner works on two steps: First, it creates turbulence and vortex formation in an online Impulse chamber followed by developing a strong electrical field around the impulse chamber. By a combination of these two steps, mineral particles in water separate as bondage breaks between water and minerals. Also, the bondage between mineral to mineral molecules compounds weakens allowing easier passage through piping and pump systems. AQUONIZE thus magically makes Hard water to Soft Water making it a perfect fit for domestic application, agricultural use, or industrial water requirements.