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Q: Why AQUONIZE water conditioner?

AQUONIZE solves many of your day-to-day problems by promoting the usage of soft water instead of hard water. It enhances the results and outputs whether in domestic, industrial, commercial, or agricultural use while ensuring savings and retaining the aesthetic value for your surroundings, services, and products.

Q: Where can AQUONIZE water conditioner be used?

AQUONIZE water conditioners can be used in the following 

  • Domestic purposes like house plumbing systems and gardens
  • Agricultural aspects
  • Industrial and commercial fields
  • Swimming Pools
  • Golf Courses
  • Aquaculture
  • Poultry
  • Construction areas
Q: What is the suitable water for conditioning by AQUONIZE?

Practically speaking, AQUONIZE can transform both low as well as high mineral content water into soft water. It can convert all saline waters and hard water to soft water.

Q: Can the chlorine taste of water be eradicated?

Definitely. AQUONIZE treated water is not only safe but also minimizes the chlorine taste in the water to a great extent. The chlorine content is freed out into the atmosphere before the water flows out from the tap.

Q: Are clothes after being washed in conditioned water any better?

Absolutely. When your clothes are washed with AQUONIZE treated water, they will come out with more freshness and cleanliness. They even feel softer than before.


Q: How does it improve my home gardens?

Home gardens that use AQUONIZE treated water penetrate better into the soil, improve the fertility of the soil, hold on well to the roots, and help plans look healthy and fresh.

Q: What happens to the salinity state of soil?

Using AQUONIZE helps in carrying on better agricultural practices and through it, salinity levels in soils decrease to a suitable state over a period of time.

Q: How does calcium carbonate get modified?

Calcium Carbonate in normal hard water exists in the form of calcite which is hard to remove as it precipitates into a hard whitish scale. Upon treating this water with AQUONIZE, this form of calcium carbonate is changed to a different form known as aragonite which is much easier to remove because of its softer nature.


Q: Does it help in reducing scale and rust problems?

Using AQUONIZE treated water helps in reducing the attraction between the scale particles as well as already existing rust to the plumbing systems and gradually allows it to dissolve in the flowing water.

Q: Can it prevent further scaling and rusting?

Using AQUONIZE treated water provides a thin protective carbonate film on the wall of the pipes which does not dissolve or mature easily with the passage of time. This thin film prevents future rusting and scaling.


Q: How long does the technology last, once installed?

Once installed, properly taking all the correct measures, AQUONIZE remains as your lifetime partner and never lets you down.


Q: Does it help in reducing algae?

During the process of reducing the attraction between mineral particles in the water, the algae are declined of its food source which results in its malnutrition. Thus, algae growth is reduced significantly or completely eradicated.