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Water plays a very critical role in the success of agriculture.
Plants contain 80 to 90% water.
Plants contain 80 to 90% water. It is a common observation when there are rain plants that look healthy and with rainwater plants grow faster, but it is not the same case with irrigation water.
Have you ever thought as to what is the difference between rainwater and irrigation water, specifically deep bore wells?

Not only water but the quality of water matters! And it is universal knowledge that deep bore well waters have higher hardness.

With the increase in intensive farming, more and more farms are depending on deep bore well water for irrigation that uses drip or sprinkler system which also do not function properly if there is high hardness in water. 

Advantages of AQUOTICS structured water in Agriculture

  • Simply AQUOTICS gives more water per water means highly charged and energized water that can be a real boon to agriculture. 
  • More water savings as with the same amount of water, double the area can be cultivated efficiently and effectively.
  • As water efficiency increases, summer cultivation risks can be reduced as water discharge drops during the summer months.
  • Reduces soil salinity problem.
  • Structured water penetrates deeper into the soil which is better for plants.
  • Less horizontal spread of water means less wastage of water.
  • As the horizontal spread of water is less, weed problems are reduced.
  • As water turbidity is less and water molecular size is a less good utilization of nutrients in soil resulting 30 to 40 % reduction in fertilizer usage. Better development of roots with visible white hairy root growth.
  • Less noticeable micronutrient deficiencies. 
  • Pesticide usage can be reduced up to 40% by using this structured water to prepare spray solutions.
  • Increased yields.
  • Fruits cultivated with structured water will have solid pulp formation with more taste and flavor.
  • Increases plant internal capacity to fight biotic and abiotic stress.
  • No more scale formation in drip lines and at drippers no more drip blockages.
  • Prevents algal growth in drip lines.
  • This structured water breaks soil clods and blocks and makes the soil more permeable improving soil's natural structure and texture.
  • Unwanted salts accumulated around the root zone will be washed away.
  • No more leaf burn symptoms associated with salinity or water stress.
  • Healthier and greener plants.
  • As the soil absorbs structured water deeper, fast evaporative loss of water is reduced.