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  • A single DESTINATION to fix your water’s nature.
  • No more Hard water Problem
  • Most efficient and powerful technology
  • Re-designs and restructures water nature
  • One-time installation lifetime performance
  • No consumables
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintenance-free product
  • Eco Friendly

  • Less Power Consuption

  • No Water Wastage

  • Non Chemical

  • Non Maintanance


It comes underclass of Electronic Impulse technology which our own developed technology. In the market, so many water conditioners are available based on copper coil technology, magnet-based water conditioners which are very less efficient when compared to the technology we adapted. As all waters are not the same all water conditioners are also not the same!

Other traditional water conditioners work on the principle of ion exchange involving resin and common salt. In this system calcium in water is replaced by sodium so that water hardness is reduced but this kind of water is okay for washing, cleaning, and other domestic uses but sodium-rich water is NOT fit for drinking and not advisable for bathing. Apart from this these water conditioners need a lot of maintenance, service and a lot of costs are involved for the regular purchase of salt and resin.